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More consumers are coming to discover that oil filled radiator heaters make a viable option for heating small to medium sized rooms. These units offer numerous advantages over both conventional halogen, gas-powered and ceramic heaters, especially from a safety perspective. Unlike halogen heaters, they do rise to extreme and potentially dangerous temperatures, which makes them much less of a fire hazard. The advantage these heaters have over gas units is that they can be utilized effectively without worrying as much about ventilation and losing heat. They also run with quiet efficiency, unlike their ceramic counterparts that typically spin loud and annoying fan blades.

How Do They Work?

Oil filled radiator heaters are driven by electricity. This power activates the heating element within the unit that causes it to increase its temperature. The oil causes the radiator itself to heat up, thus enabling it to become hot and release that warmth upon the room. Because oil boils at a temperature approximately three times higher than water, it has the ability to retain its liquid form even when the unit is on full blast. Best of all, the oil never has to be replaced, so you do not have to go out and scramble for more just to keep warm.

Who Needs Them?

Oil filled heaters retain heat considerably longer than traditional units, meaning they can keep your room nice, warm, and cozy for a long time. Because they are widely available in portable models, these units can be moved throughout the house with ease. Many owners find them ideal for supplementing the main supply of heat in smaller rooms such as bedrooms and offices. Some even put them under their desk to keep warm while working. The compact size of a small oil filled heater makes it possible to save money on your utility bill by taking the heater with you and simply heating the area of the home you are currently occupying.

How Expensive are they?

For the most part, oil filled radiator heaters are more expensive to run than conventional gas heaters. On the other hand, you must also consider the dangers and health risks involved with running gas heaters. Not only do they fill the room with smelly and often nauseating odours, they can be very dangerous if not set up in a properly ventilated area. This gives the oil filled heater a distinct advantage that is simply priceless. If money is your major concern, you can cut back on running costs by purchasing a unit equipped with a thermostat. Once the room heats up to specific temperature you predetermined, the heater automatically shuts off, allowing you to stay warm while keeping a little extra money in your pocket. Cost savings can also be reaped by purchasing a model that practices energy efficiency by utilizing less power.

Oil filled radiator heaters are not the latest greatest technological innovation, just a simple and effective way to heat your personal space and stay warm. They are generally easy to operate and when used correctly, the cost savings you enjoy can be substantial in-comparison to your main heat and traditional methods. If you want something that can keep you toasty and comfortable without compromising safety, an oiled filled heater would make an excellent choice for the upcoming winter. These units come in many variations, including baseboard, panel, radiant and advanced models. For the first-time buyer, it is highly recommend to first check out a few reviews in order to ensure you get the most from your investment.

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